Parkett in einem Hausboot

A while ago, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Peter Roosen visited Lalegno distributor Hanssens Hout in Ghent. He was working on the renovation of a barge dating back from 1961, that he wanted to convert into a medical practice. As a flooring solution, he chose the Lalegno 15-ABC-189-BEAUNE.

That is an engineered wooden floor, which, because of its stabilizing construction, is less subject to the movements of wood, and therefore shrinks and expands less under the influence of changing temperatures and atmospheric humidity. Therefore, it is great to combine with underfloor heating.

The 15-ABC-189-BEAUNE is produced using oak from ABC grading. That's a fairly tight selection in which only here and there a small knot is visible and where the emphasis is more on the beautiful natural shades of oak.

In order to make those even more pronounced our professionals evoke a reaction in the tannins of the wood by smoking. This process results in deep, warm colors. Finally, a white oil finish finally makes the BEAUNE a very attractive, elegant wooden floor. And that fits in perfectly with the decor of this houseboat.

The warm, natural tones of wood give the practice rooms a personal, familiar feeling. Moreover, the oak floor combines perfectly with the tiles. In order to emphasize the horizontal lines in the interior, skirting boards were here omitted.

The “Ortho Boat” has become a little gem, luxurious and finished to the last detail. Spread over two decks the boat has a consultation room, a plaster room, a terrace, lounge area, shower room and a conference room with all facilities, bar included.