Art Nouveau inspiriert

The 15-LINE 90-BRUT takes a flying start. This new Lalegno parquet is inspired by the sumptuous interior style of Art Nouveau.

Villa Demoiselle, an architectural building that was built in 1890according to the orders of builder and art expert Henry Vasnier, is exactly the example that our designers had in mind while they were drafting this floor. It reflects all the typical features of the Art Nouveau style.

Victor Horta, Henry Van De Velde and other leading domestic and foreign Art Nouveau architects were inspired by the sensual lines and the organic architecture of gothic architecture. Exactly these lines are now back with Lalegno’s 15-LINE 90-BRUT, not only in form but even in its name.

One of the great merits of Art Nouveau is the acceptance of industrial materials in civil architecture. Metal and glass were fully utilized and combined with natural materials, which consequently were additionally highlighted. The beautiful wooden floor in Villa Demoiselle which was the basis of the design concept for Lalegno’s LINE is a perfect example of this technique.

Art Nouveau architects consider nature as a source of inspiration. Forms from nature are translated into building structures, in which different building elements literally merge together. In the lavish interiors animals and plants appear, which can be displayed both figuratively and in a stylized way.

By its sobriety and its graceful wavy lines on the one hand and by the love of nature themes on the other hand, Japanese art has its heyday during the Art Nouveau era. Japanese motifs such as the dragonfly, the orchid, the iris and hydrangea are eagerly copied.

The inspiration for this wooden floor may lie in the past, nevertheless the 15-LINE 90-BRUT is a very contemporary and trendy design floor. With its slim line looks it can also provide more power and identity for your home. It makes smaller interiors look deeper, thus optically enhancing the size of the room. This narrow strip flooring, which indeed lends itself particularly well for pattern flooring, lends any space, from the parlour to the attic room, an unprecedented elegance.





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