Oak floors, basic element of Scandinavian design

For quite a while now, the Scandinavian look is one of the most sought-after interior styles. A sleek design, warm colours and natural materials give your home a modern look, without making it sterile. A Lalegno wooden floor helps to give your interior a Scandinavian touch.

Less is more

Simplicity, functionality and beauty are key elements of the Scandinavian interior design style. Scandinavian homes have that pure, restrained, scaled down look based on warm minimalism, clean lines, impeccable craftsmanship and understated elegance. The use of light is very important and many houses in that style feature earthy, muted tones, honest materials and minimal ornamentation.

One of the basic ideas of Scandinavian design is the "less is more" principle. The rules of austerity and simplicity apply to both the furniture itself and the trinkets you display. Limit the number of accessories in your interior. That way get more attention and look more beautiful. 


Light and airy

Up north light and warmth are of vital importance during the dark winter months. Natural sunlight is, therefore, maximized by keeping the interior airy. Large mirrors reflect sunlight and makes rooms appear larger.

In the evenings, stylish hanging lamps or simple floor lamps bring mood lighting for socializing.


A keen eye for detail

Vintage design furniture, such as the chairs by Charles and Ray Eames, do very well in Scandinavian design. Tables and dressers are often inspired by '50s furniture with sleek, round legs. The sofa may well have a distinctive colour and looks cosier thanks to brightly tinted cushions with geometric patterns.

The predominantly white walls of your living space deserve some extra attention. Simple, decorative elements, such as a large wall clock or a vintage poster, bring ambience and cosiness.


Practically perfect

A Scandinavian interior is not only beautiful to look at. It should also be lived in! Yet it is handy if everything stays neatly in its place. That’s why functionality and comfort are key to the choice of furniture. Practical storage furniture hides all clutter perfectly and elegantly from the eye.


Wood as a natural basis

In Scandinavian countries wood is available by the bucket load. So it is frequently made use of in Scandinavian design, for example for making furniture. Scandinavian designers furthermore swear by the use of light-coloured wood such as oak, and use it for everything from floor to ceiling.

When you see how beautiful oak floors can make a room, it's easy to understand why this trend is so popular. The pale wood of oak flooring makes the room airy, open and clean and draws attention to the architecture of the spaces and the craftsmanship of the design.

Opting for a wooden floor when you decide on a Scandinavian style is pretty obvious. But which floor do you need for the perfect look? Here are a few tips:



White, whiter, whitest

Often lighter floor finishes are chosen. With reason, because if you treat oak floors properly with a subtle white flooring oil or a white matt varnish, it results in a beautiful palette of white-grey shades that conquer every heart easily. Pale oak flooring has a warm, neutral and timeless look and can effortlessly be combined with all styles of interior decoration.

In short, a light oak floor is very versatile. That makes this type of flooring so attractive. Also, the Lalegno range offers a number of solutions which are clearly inspired by Scandinavian design trends.

Optimal optics

So light floors are definitely beautiful and trendy, but don’t let your personal preferences guide you too much. When choosing your floor, it is important to dwell on what you want to do with the space and which visual effects you would like to achieve. The floor, walls and ceiling are the main surfaces of a room and largely determine the mood it will reflect.

  • Floors in light colours reflect light and make the room seem visually larger. They bring rest and balance and ensure a comfortable, warm feeling. Do you like sleek and modern? Use light and neutral shades for the walls. Combined with your pale floor this is the ideal basis for a minimalist interior. Do not forget to dress the room with the right accessories, so it doesn’t seem too chilly.
  • Carefully determine the direction in which your floor will be installed. It depends both on the angle of incidence in the room and the outcome you expect. If you install the floor perpendicular to a window, the joints are less visible. If you install the floor parallel to the longest wall, you emphasize the room length. If you place it perpendicular to the longest wall, the nearest wall will seem further away.
  • •    When installing a floor in a rather small room, go for narrow boards. They make the area look more spacious. You can also opt to install the parquet diagonally. The eye will follow the lines of the joint unconsciously. Due to the longer diagonal lines the room will seem wider. Lalegno has floors in various sizes from 148 to 220 mm wide. So there are options aplenty.

Tight or homely

The timber grading you choose affects the look of your interior: a tight AB selection for example, has a very modern appearance. The warm shades of ABC or C-quality feel especially homely and friendly. A CLASSIC floor, with its beautifully selected knots, appears more rustic.
Some of our light parquet floors are brushed. In this treatment, the relatively soft elements are brushed out. Small imperfections in the wood become more visible and the grain is accentuated. Therefore, the wood gets a nicer, more rugged and weathered look. The floors that have received this treatment can be identified by the '- B' at the end of the floor name.






Your interior becomes really interesting and fun if you make it your own. Need ideas? Be inspired by Lalegno.