Architects an interior designers opt for engineered oak flooring

People constructing or renovating their home are sooner or later faced with the multitude of options when choosing a floor. Don’t break your head over all these possibilities, as engineered oak flooring is the perfect solution for any interior style. That is also what architects and interior designers say, who, with many years of experience in prescribing a variety of floor coverings, put oak flooring at the top of their popularity list.

Here are the top 5 reasons why architects opt for engineered hardwood:



Oak wood is hard, durable and abrasion resistant

Oak flooring is durable as well as easy to renovate. This means that after a while, when you change your interior style, you can have it freshened up and adjusted. In short, you can enjoy an engineered oak floor for many years to come




Oak flooring becomes more beautiful with the years

Oak wooden flooring has a wood structure which, from the moment of its installation, gives your entire home unique character. Only nature itself can confer such an individuality to a product. In addition, the natural charm of the oak wood increases from year to year.




Oak is invigorating and hygienic

Oak flooring makes your home a more hygienic and healthy place. Other floor coverings can be real dust magnets and sometimes even cause allergies. Oak, on the other hand, is very easily kept clean.




Engineered oak flooring fits anywhere, even with underfloor heating

Long, short, narrow, wide, dark or light. There is an engineered oak floor suited to every style and interior taste. Our oak floors are ideal for installation with underfloor heating, so that they can actually make any house beautiful.




Oak flooring is a good investment

An oak floor brings comfort to your home, that much is certain. But in addition, it also makes your house more valuable. After all, people don’t mind paying more for tastefully furnished homes using natural quality materials.


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