Staircase accessories

In a nicely designed interior, the finish of the stairs acts as an extension of the floor. Which is why Lalegno has designed an oak multilayer parquet to cover your existing stair treads. The stair treads are composed of a solid top layer which is extremely stable, and thus better able to withstand wear and tear. Both standard and winder treads can be covered.

Standard stair accessories are supplied unfinished, but on demand they can be usually finished in the color of your favorite floor. Ask your flooring retailer for more information.

Standard stair treads

Standard Lalegno stair treads are always composed of 15 mm multiplex and 4 mm solid oak top layer.

They are available in the following dimensions:

1000 x 290 x 19/4mm
1300 x 380 x 19/4mm

1 pack contains 2 treads + 2 risers.

Lalegno stair cladding can be used on all solid stairs up to 1300 mm width and up to 380 mm deep.

Sawable double Stair treads

The Lalegno double sawable stair treads also consist of 4 mm solid oak wood, but have an 11 mm multiplex support.

This tread is 1300 x 600 x 15/4mm and can be cut to size.

1 pack consists of one double sawable stair tread + 2 risers and two rubber anti-slip strips.

Stair nosings

In addition to stair treads Lalegno also has nosings. They are made of solid oak, and adjusted to the profile of Lalegno floors. They are available in 10, 15 and 21 mm. By default, they are supplied untreated, but on request they can be finished in the same colour as your Lalegno floor.


Prior to installation, the stair components must be left to acclimatise for at least 24 hours at room temperature in the place where they are due to be fitted.

1 - Remove old stair casing and adhesive residue to obtain a flat underlayer.

2 - Measure the exact dimensions accurately using a stair spider. This stair spider is specially designed for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The measured dimension can be traced in one go onto the stair cladding to be sawn.

3 - Trace the stair cladding and saw to size.

4-5 - Assemble the stair cladding treads and risers using silicon adhesive. Apply this according to the instructions given with the product. Extra glue can be applied to worn areas.