Wall Esthetics Tumbler - Showcase Lance SPRL

The new design trend for 2017 are wooden wall coverings. Wooden 3D panels add a sense of intimacy to any surface. And yet, although the wall panels create an elegant coziness, Lalegno Wall Esthetics panels do not distract the attention from the general contemporary designer look.

We recently went to take a look in the store of Lalegno dealer Lance SPRL, who chose the Tumbler as a showcase for his showroom. Manager Guy Jerusalem explains why. "The Lalegno Wall Esthetics collection is on display in our showroom and customers are invariably very enthusiastic about them. Often people love the idea of installing wooden wall coverings, but they cannot really imagine how such a wall would look.

That is why we set to work with the Tumbler, one of the beautiful wall coverings in European oak of Lalegno Wall Esthetics. We immediately dressed the entire wall, because the Tumbler is very easy to install. I myself have personally bolted the panels into the retaining wall. Moreover, the Tumbler fitted our wall perfectly. There was no “waste”. And also for quickly and easily attaching a logo or so, this proves to be a very good choice."