Floor heating? Then opt for engineered hardwood floors.

Underfloor heating has become for many the ideal method to heat rooms, because it allows you to keep your walls available to decorative elements that are nicer than a heater. At Lalegno we understand that perfectly! We do everything we can, after all, to make your living room cosy with our beautiful parquet floors.​

Whether you opt for floor heating because you want your cottage to be cheerfully decorated, or just because you want to go for sleek and design ... a real wooden floor is guaranteed to fit with that look.

What should I keep in mind?

When you choose for underfloor heating, it is obviously intended for heating the room. That is why the floor you choose must sufficiently conduct heat, and thus have a low heat resistance. A multi-layer floor is ideal. On the product page you can find a detailed technical sheet listing the thermal resistance for each of our floors.

On the other hand you obviously want your floor to stay nice and stable. Therefore it is important that you choose a multilayer wooden floor instead of solid one. Wood lives and adapts to changing temperatures and humidity. Under the influence of heat it dries out and shrinks; under the influence of moisture, it expands. That is why solid wooden floors, over a period of time and under the influence of the changing conditions of your heating, may distort. Engineered wood is specifically designed to counter the natural movement of the wood, and thus also its deformation.

Which wood species should I choose?

Lalegno offers you lots of inspiration! Go for floors in oka of with a more exotic looks, such as walnut, wengé, teak, merbau of doussie. Beech and jatoba are better avoided, because they are nervous woods that are moisture sensitive and more liable to deformation.

And for the installation of my wooden floor, how does it work?

Installing flooring in combination with underfloor heating is quite technical and is best taken on by a professional. If you want to know all about the do's and don'ts of such an installation, you'll find a lot of information on this topic in the chapter underfloor heating.