Australian Beach House


This luxurious beach house is an absolute picture to dream away by! The cottage with a floor surface of approximately 500m² is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, near Terrigal Beach, New South Wales. On the enormous private domain the owners enjoy a delightful pool, a private tennis court and their own jetty. The house was decorated from top to bottom by a leading interior designer. The flooring, of course, needed to meet the high expectations of both the designer and the client. Therefore, an engineered Lalegno wooden floor with a modern look and a wonderful contemporary colour palette of grey-brown-black was chosen. The floor intensifies the luxury feeling of this home even more.

The 15-CLASSIC-220-MONTRACHET-V/B is one of the Antiq floors by Lalegno. The floor was structured and distressed, so it’s a real character floor. The character is created by the application of the Old Wood Effect, a sophisticated antiquing process in which various aging techniques are subtly applied to the knots. More information about this and other aging techniques is available here. The headstrong nature of this multi-layer floors fits perfectly with the sleek, high-tech look of the furniture and frivolously chosen accessories. The result is exceptionally beautiful, a wonderful example of the Australian design style.

As an additional accent the interior designer also chose to decorate a wall with the same flooring. The trendy gas hearth contrasts nicely with the oak planks around it and is in perfect symbiosis with it.