All about wooden flooring

Well informed people are happy people.
That's why we will tell you all there is to know about wooden flooring in general and about the beautiful Lalegno floors in particular. You will not only discover our fine collections and finishes, but also all practical and technical information about wood is explained in full detail.

Why engineered flooring ?

You are convinced of the warmth of wooden floors, but how do you choose from the countless possibilities within the range of wooden flooring? One thing is certain: if you go for a wooden floor, engineered flooring is a very good option for you. We'll give you 10 good reasons to opt for multi-layer parquet:

1.  Engineered flooring is STABLE and the most resistant against deformation    

Wood lives and adjusts to changing temperatures and humidity. Under the influence of a varying indoor climate and the continual shrinking and swelling of the wood, solid floors over time often cup or deform.
Multi-layered flooring has been specifically designed to counter that natural movement of wood and therefore minimizes its deformation. To do so, this type of flooring is composed of two or more layers of wood. The top layer of fine wood is glued crosswise under high pressure on a stabilising layer. Consequently, the tensions which may arise from differences in relative humidity are balanced and the floor thus gains stability. After correct installation in healthy homes this type of flooring barely moves.

2.  Engineered flooring is ideal for NEW HOMES OR RENOVATION    

A multilayer parquet floor is very suitable for use in new buildings, but also provides the best results for renovation projects. In renovations new floors are often posed on top of an existing floor and then it is important that the height differences are not too large. Multi-layer flooring is available in different thicknesses which can easily be adapted in function of the total floor height and / or the height of the screed.

3.  Engineered flooring is very well adapted to use with UNDERFLOOR HEATING

Because of its structure and composition, engineered flooring better suited to use with underfloor heating than solid flooring. A wooden floor made up of two or more layers is more stable than a product with just one layer (solid wood).
If you want underfloor heating, it is better to ask a professional installer to fit your floor, as it has to be installed very meticulously according to defined specifications and instructions. Find out more about installation of wooden floors with underfloor heating here.

4.  Engineered flooring is GREAT FOR DIY-ENTHUSIASTS     

Of course, working with a professional ensures a worry-free installation and a proper follow-up in terms of the maintenance of your floor. But a knowledgeable handyman can himself do the installation of engineered flooring. To make the installation easier, some floors are even equipped with a click-system, such as laminate flooring.
Keep in mind that you are working with a living material. Carefully read the installation instructions before you go to work and follow them closely.

5.  Engineered flooring can be used ANYWHERE IN YOUR HOME

Do you want a multi-layer parquet floor in your kitchen or bathroom? Of course that’s possible, if you're well informed and aware and treat your floor correctly! Please ask a flooring specialist for advice before you start your project. He will examine whether the room and the subfloor are suitable. He will also advise you on any protective maintenance layers you may need to seal the floor. In humid areas, make sure that the floor is not too wet and dry damp spots carefully so the water cannot penetrate the floor or infiltrate between the joints.

6.  Engineered flooring is DURABLE   

The top layer of most multi-layer floors can be resanded over time. If after a few years your taste changes, or you want to give the room a new look, you don’t have to have a new floor fitted. You can simply sand the boards and give a new finish. That way your floor will last a lifetime.

7.  Engineered flooring is ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY and made with respect for nature

In engineered flooring the top layer is made of the most precious woods, such as oak or tropical hardwood. For the stabilizing reinforcement layers we use woods that grow faster. Lalegno thereby ensuring that the impact on nature and the environment is minimized. More about our environmentally conscious choices can be read here.

8.  Engineered flooring offers SO MUCH CHOICE    

Engineered floors exist not only in different thicknesses but also in different widths, which are often combined. Moreover, for each of the different types of wood and wood grades plenty of beautiful finishes and treatments are possible. The result ranges from very sleek design floors over timeless modern to classical flooring with rural charm. Spoilt for choice, adapted to each style. We take pleasure in inspiring you in your quest for the perfect wooden floor.

9.  Engineered flooring is EASY TO MAINTAIN

When you observe a few simple rules about protection, cleaning and maintenance, you will enjoy your wonderful wooden floors for longer and keep it as new.
On our website you will find, in addition to general care tips, a personalized maintenance sheet for each floor.

10. Engineered flooring can also be achieved for a LIMITED BUDGET

And finally, Lalegno floors is available for every budget.
We have floors in different price ranges, which are always a perfect reflection of their qualities and finish. Also in flooring, there are no miracles. So inform yourself thoroughly in our brochures, get inspired by our website or request a sample to your favourite flooring. One thing is certain, that the price / performance ratio of a Lalegno-floor is particularly good, they will confirm gladly close at one of our points of sales.