All about wooden flooring

Well informed people are happy people.
That's why we will tell you all there is to know about wooden flooring in general and about the beautiful Lalegno floors in particular. You will not only discover our fine collections and finishes, but also all practical and technical information about wood is explained in full detail.

Two construction systems

There are two construction systems for engineered flooring

Two-layer construction

In two-layer structures, the top layer is glued to a plywood support, which is constructed with a number of layers of cross-glued veneer. This ensures a perfectly stable wooden floor.

Three-layer construction

In three-layer stabilized flooring a two-layer support structure is provided beneath the hardwood of the surface. This has a hardwood core and a veneer hardwood backing. The wood gets its high stability because the support construction is transversely glued to the top layer.

Both systems are technically equivalent

The standard Lalegno floors with a total thickness of 10 or 21mm are provided with a plywood support, composed of several layers of MLH (mixed light hardwood) veneer. This system balances floors with this thickness perfectly and is technically easier to produce.

The three-layer system is generally used in semi-solid floors of 15mm thick with a top layer of 4mm. It provides the optimum balance for such top layers in order to compensate for latitude and longitude shrinkage in extremely dry or humid conditions. Lalegno’s three-layer floors get a standard stabilized hardwood support and a backing of hardwood veneer.