All about wooden flooring

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That's why we will tell you all there is to know about wooden flooring in general and about the beautiful Lalegno floors in particular. You will not only discover our fine collections and finishes, but also all practical and technical information about wood is explained in full detail.

Reaction to fire: Dfl – s1 of Cfl – s1

By the term "reaction to fire", those properties of a floor meant that may influence the onset and the development of a fire. The reaction to fire classification for construction products is described in the standard EN 13501-1. This is a European classification. The European standard defines seven classes (A1fl, A2fl, Bfl, Cfl, Dfl, Efl and Ffl). Classes A1fl and A2fl are used for non-combustible products such as concrete and steel. Class Ffl is used for flooring with the least good performance in terms of reaction to fire or for floors that have not been tested.

Wood is, by its nature, a combustible material. Without wood fire retardant treatment it is generally classified in Class D under specific conditions.

Also, the Lalegno multi-layer floors with a thickness of 10 and 15 mm have a class D rating. Some of our oak floors of 20 and 21mm even have a class C rating. Specific information on fire reaction is stated on the technical data sheet of our floors.

Besides the main classification an additional indication of the smoke development in case of fire is provided. That subdivision goes from s1 (little smoke), via s2 (moderate smoke development) to s3 (unlimited smoke).

Lalegno floors belong in class s1.