All about wooden flooring

Well informed people are happy people.
That's why we will tell you all there is to know about wooden flooring in general and about the beautiful Lalegno floors in particular. You will not only discover our fine collections and finishes, but also all practical and technical information about wood is explained in full detail.

Biological durability

The biological durability of wood is its resistance to weathering and to attack by living organisms such as fungi and insects. This is substantially determined by the chemical composition and structure of the wood and its ability to absorb water.

Based on a number of tests (according to European norm NBN EN 350-1) wood was divided into a number of sustainability classes.

Resistance against fungi

Class Durability Significance under Belgian climatic conditions
1 Very durable 25 years and more
2 Durable 15-25 years
3 Moderately durable 10-15 years
4 Little durable 5-10 years
5 Non durable Less than 5 years











This way the different wood species are divides in classes. The wood species used for Lalegno flooring is shown bold and underlined in the list below.

Class Durability Wood species
1 Very durable Afzelia Doussié, azobé (in water contact), bilinga, demerara greenheart, jarrah, mansonia, moabi, okan, padoek, pau amarelo, Teak, walaba
1-2 Durable to very durable aformosia, iroko, kapur, Merbau, robinia
2 Durable azobé, bangkirai, basra locus, Bossé, Bubinga, cedrela, Quercus Robur, karri, chestnut, kempas, louro vermelho, mahogany, Sepetir, yew, western red cedar, Wenge
2-3 Durable to moderately durable Quercus Mongolica, kosipo, purple heart, Sipo, tola branca
2-4 Durable to little durable dark red meranti
3 Moderately durable cedrorana, danta, keruing, douglas fir, pitch pine, movingui, mutenye, niangon, Walnut, sapeli, tiama
3-4 Moderately to little durable dibétou, krappa, light red meranti, red balau, agathis, redwood, lodgepole pine
4 Little durable American red oak, avodiré, Eyong, hickory, elm, limba, Mengkulang, okoume, yellow pine, Carolina pine, fir, hemlock, southern pine, spruce, Weymouth
4-5 Little durable to non durable Ogea, parana pine, radiata pine, sitka spruce
5 Non durable abachi, Abura, Baboen, birch, European beech, ash, alder, maple, hornbeam, Fuma, Ilomba, koto, linden, poplar, ramin, suga