All about wooden flooring

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That's why we will tell you all there is to know about wooden flooring in general and about the beautiful Lalegno floors in particular. You will not only discover our fine collections and finishes, but also all practical and technical information about wood is explained in full detail.


The Impress technique is not really a structural effect on your entire wooden floor, but has everything to do with the aged look of your flooring. It is a treatment in which only the most rustic of Lalegno-floors can be used, because it is related to the buttons and character elements in the wood.

With floors that have knots Lalegno always makes sure that these are carefully and neatly finished. Nothing new, you will say, after all, in the world of wood it happens more often that healthy knots are finished using a putty knife and wood filler. Then it is sufficient to dry the filling and sand slightly so that the surface becomes flat and smooth to the touch.

Innovating knots

But the Impress technique is innovative! Because for some of the Lalegno floors we pursue a more characterful and antique weathered look, our craftsmen make sure that for Impress floors the putty is massaged into the knots lightly and with skilled finger movements. In retrospect it seems like knots, cracks and other small imperfections in the wood are completely worn out. This creates an antique 3D effect around the character elements in the wood that gives the floor as a whole a very realistic aged look.

Impressive flooring

This entire process is handled expertly by our carpenters. Of course, the planks that are suitable for this process are first sorted out meticulously, but also the rest of the operation happens entirely by hand. A time-consuming activity, but the results are downright heartwarming!

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