All about wooden flooring

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That's why we will tell you all there is to know about wooden flooring in general and about the beautiful Lalegno floors in particular. You will not only discover our fine collections and finishes, but also all practical and technical information about wood is explained in full detail.

Distressed floors

Different aging techniques

Brushing, sandblasting and cleaving are in fact techniques that make wood look older than it is. But our experts have a lot of other skills at making it look as if your floor has been through a lot and could tell stories that belong in history books. They invariably give your floor extra character and atmosphere.

Hand aged or tumbled ?

To make the wood for floor look really old, dents and scratches are made in different areas (on the board and in the bevel). Thus, it looks as if the floor have a certain age to them. If that process is done entirely by hand, we talk about hand aged floors. Lalegno has some very special hand aged floors. An overview can be found here.

Since the hand aging wooden flooring is very time-consuming and therefore expensive, this process sometimes happens mechanically. The boards go into a special machine and are tumbled, as they say. The shelves are pelted with stones, nails and bolts. This creates dents, scratches and nail holes which give your floor an authentic look that is indistinguishable from a real antique floor. Lalegno has tumbled flooring with a very natural look. Here you can view them in detail.


This aging technique too gives your parquet a real added value. The style owes its name to the previously commonly used joiner technique of wood scraping. Here, the carpenter scrapes a knife with a handle on both sides over the board, pulling it towards himself. That way, pieces of wood are scraped off with the intention of making the plank uniformly smooth. This creates scrape markings and tactile roughness, particularly around knots, because the wood there is harder.

Hand scraping is an artisanal process which is very labour intensive, but gives every plank of your floor a vivid texture. This gives you an antique looking floor, with the allure of one which has been lived upon with pleasure for many years.

The Lalegno experts adopt various hand scraping techniques, which each in their own way reinforce the effect of our wooden floor.

  • Antique effect: In this technique the wood is manually scraped, specifically around the knots, to stress the special beauty of the knots in our lovely oak floors. Floors as the 15-CLASSIC-189-MALBEC-B, 15-CLASSIC-260-BRUT-GHV-B and 15-CLASSIC-260-MEURSAULT-B are all flooring gems, thanks to this aging process.
  • Antique handscraped: When hand scraping, it is common to scrape off boards in the length, in fairly straight lines. With our antique handscraped oak floors wood we do things differently: the wood is scraped in the direction of the wood grain. That gives an even more impressive result. Check out how gorgeous the 15-CLASSIC-180-BA-GRAVES Lalegno is!
  • Old Wood Effect: Again, this delicate antiquing process plays subtly with the wood grain and leads to very beautiful effects, in which the natural beauty of the knot is emphasized and seems to flow over in the wood. The Old Wood Effect adorns the 15-CLASSIC-220-RHONE-V/B and the 15-CLASSIC-220-MONTRACHET-V/B, for example.

Interested in de handscraped Lalegno floors? Here you will find an overview.