All about wooden flooring

Well informed people are happy people.
That's why we will tell you all there is to know about wooden flooring in general and about the beautiful Lalegno floors in particular. You will not only discover our fine collections and finishes, but also all practical and technical information about wood is explained in full detail.

Brushed floors

What is brushing?

Brushed wood gives a pleasant tactile sensation. When brushing a hard wire brush is used for removing the softer wood fibres from the wood. That way, the harder wood fibres that remain are emphasized. This can be done by hand, but is usually done with by machine.

Added character

Especially open-pored wood, which is wood with clear grain, such as oak for example, is treated that way. When you brush oak, you do it in order to emphasize the wood structure. The grain in brushed flooring is much more visible. Because the surface of brushed boards is rougher to the touch, they will also have a very natural, aged appearance.

Brushing is a technique which is used fairly often in the beautiful semi-solid oak Lalegno floors. You recognize our brushed flooring by the -B at the end of the product code. An overview of our brushed floors can be found here.

Astonishing colour accents

The character of brushed floors can be even intensified by oiling or staining them after brushing. The result is amazing. When a carefully brushed wooden flooring is treated with a colour oil, the thicker colouring pigment will remain behind in the grain and accentuate it. Such is the case with the lovely 15-ABC-189-B-CHARDONNAY.

This effect is even more striking in brushed oak flooring stained with a dark oil. The dark colour will linger in the wood, while the parts around the grain keep their light colour. This technique is used for the popular 15-ABC-189-JURA-B.

When the brushed wooden floors are also smoked, the grain is more beautiful when a whitewash or white patina is applied. This white coating will give the wood grain a paler staining, but the smoked oak wood around stays darker. Wonderful examples are the 15-CLASSIC-220-FRONSAC-B, the 15-CLASSIC-220-MONTRACHET-V/B, the 15-CLASSIC-220-MOULIS-B.

Over time it is possible to re-sand the floor, but of course influences its structure. In fact, when re-sanding you lose part of the effect of brushing, so that your floor will feel more even the touch. After re-sanding, it is possible to apply a new brushing.

If you like wooden floors with tangible character, then a brushed multilayer floor may be ideal for you.