INVISIBLE: Unsichtbarer Schutz für Ihr Parkett!


3mm real oak

The 14-CLASSIC-189-INVISIBLE-B one of the ROVERE floors. That is the budget friendly segment of the Lalegno range. It’s composed of engineered oak floors with a top layer of 3mm and a reinforcing base totalling 11mm. Due to its multilayer structure ROVERE floors score well on stability and also in terms of comfort and durability it is excellent.

Charmingly rustic

With ROVERE floors you add a beautiful piece of natural charm to your home. That's because for this parquet the oak wood was specially selected to conform with Lalegno’s CLASSIC-grading. Beautiful knots, nicely finished and filled, adorn the beautiful wood. The playful colour differences in oak, in shades of light to dark brown, make your floor look more attractive and stylishly rustic.

Added character

The oak wood for this floor was brushed lightly. With a metal brush softer excess fibres are removed. The hard wood floor you obtain through that process has a deeper, more intense structure and the grain is more visible. This ensures that your multilayer parquet looks refined, exudes more character and moreover feels very nice to the touch.

Invisible protection

This floor thus has a powerful, persuasive appearance, which you will of course want to preserve and protect. Therefore, we have finished it with an invisible lacquer with a low gloss level, which ensures that it retains the colour of freshly sawn oak wood. This way you can live a comfortable life on this floor. You need not be unnecessarily afraid of stains, and above all maintenance is quick and easy.

Cosiness at home

Furthermore, this type of flooring also fits perfectly with any type of interior and in any room of your house: it look wonderful in a timeless bedroom, gives the desired classic touch to living rooms in country-style and contrasts sublimely with the design furniture of modern lofts. With an oak floor like this you can never go wrong.

Do you want to know more? Then watch the information video on this floor. After that, nothing will keep you from going to your flooring installer to order the 14-CLASSIC-189-INVISIBLE-B straight away. Or maybe you are a real handyman and want to realise your own DIY-project? That too is perfectly possible, of course.