Design inside out

This ultra-modern office building is an architecturally unique edifice. In its design, no expense or effort was spared to create a pleasant and functional environment for both customers and employees.

That in developing this concept the practical aspects of the construction were carefully considered, becomes immediately apparent, also in the workspaces: sophisticated and distinctive light areas, ergonomic and sleek design furniture and, indeed, a very special wooden floor. For this project the Lalegno 15-CLASSIC-189 PINOT GRIS-B was selected.

The mild, natural color of this rustic floor creates the ambiance here and contrasts nicely with the trendy white of the walls and cabinets. The PINOT GRIS obtains its warm and cozy glow from the fact that it is lightly smoked, but also because of the exquisitely finished and expertly filled knots which playfully decorate the surface and give the floor its character. The top layer of this multi-layer floor is slightly brushed during production. That makes the grain in the oak wood so beautiful.

For the designers of this office the tremendous user friendliness of the PINOT GRIS was an important argument. The engineered floor is finished with a matt varnish. In practice this means that after installation it hardly requires any maintenance. It is very easy to clean with a damp cloth and the mild parquet cleanser. By occasionally applying the matt Lalegno floor polish, it becomes extra durable and resistant to dirt and stains.