Renovation & wooden flooring: setting up the basics

Thinking about renovating an old house? With wooden floors, you make it a lot cosier straight away! That is, if your flooring is well installed. But what should you keep in mind if you want to renovate your home?

J. Vanparys from Boortmeerbeek (Belgium) told us all about the refurbishment of her attic.

"Now our master bedroom is what used to be the attic. We wanted a large, bright bedroom, a place where you can unwind, with a neutral colour palette and warm wooden floor with a luxurious look. It has turned out to be exactly what we wanted, but it took some hard work to get there.

There was a wooden subfloor, with at least 3 different layers of vinyl, glue and paint. Those were old and quite crumbly and uneven. No way we could fit our new floor on that lot. With a lot of patience and elbow grease we have removed all the old layers. When the floor was completely clean, it appeared that there were loose boards. We carefully fixed them all first and occasionally filled some holes. Finally, the floor was completely smooth.

Then we installed an engineered oak floor, the 15-ABC-189-RIESLING-B by Lalegno. We glued with an EMFI PRO PLUS adhesive. It really went very smoothly. Actually, preparing the subfloor was the real chore. In any case, the result is absolutely stunning!"

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